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Ways to Make Sure That Your Dumpster Rental is Pest-Free

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Your dumpster rental won’t really be with you for a long time. However, even during that brief moment, it could be a great magnet for different sizes and species of pests. From small crawling maggots to massive bears, you wouldn’t want your dumpster rental New Orleans, LA to turn out to be anything aside from serving its sole purpose, which is to be a repository for your waste. Now, what are the things you must do to stop it from being something you don’t want it to be? Here are some tips you can consider that could be helpful once applied in real life. 

No food waste 

Most importantly, once you do not want to draw pests, you should pay attention to what you place into your dumpster rental. You should refrain from putting food items in your dumpster since it tends to rot and make your property smelly. If this happens, flies will be drawn to come to your dumpster and this could cause maggots to infest your area. Raccoons are infamous for looking for ways into tight areas just to get all kinds of items. The last thing you want to do is to attract raccoons with food odors. Once you’re within a place where bears exist, you must be prepared for the risks of enticing such massive beasts once you dispose of your food waste improperly. 

Concrete, not grass 

Once you put a dumpster on mulch or grass, you are attracting rodents and insects to nest below it. Make sure to position the dumpster on a concrete slab all the time. Moreover, if your unit is placed on a hard surface, the chances of having any leakage to reach into groundwater are less likely (if there are any leaks out of your dumpster unit). 

Cover it 

Though bigger pests like raccoons and bears can search some ways to reach into a covered container, the tiny ones won’t be just as resourceful as the bigger ones. If you are living in a place where these bigger pests exist, make sure to rent a unit that has a secured cover like a locking mechanism that needs a smarter individual to know how to open it. Once you opt to tie your lids down, you should know that raccoons are recognized to chew through the straps and can still enter to whatever that is that attracts them. 

Clean up your dumpsters 

Once your unit is delivered to your home, make sure that it’s clean. Once you are doing several trips to the dump, guarantee to clean it out after every time you use it. By doing this, you can ensure that you can prevent any development of waste. Also, you can keep your job site odorless and free of unwanted pests. 

Utilize some repellents 

If there’s no other way for you to prevent from disposing of waste that can really entice pests and you cannot find the right cover for your unit, you can opt to use repellents. Diluted water and ammonia have been recognized to help keep the pests at bay. 

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